Courtyard Tarmac in Coxbench

Dear Sirs

Work Undertaken by John Grace

We have a courtyard on these premises (Coxbench Hall Residential Home for the elderly) with a small roundabout in the centre. A few years ago we covered the courtyard with one coat of Tarmacadam as the gravel was proving to be impractical as the larger delivery vehicles were pushing it out of position and damaging the foundation stone.

Over a period of time, due to drainage alterations and general breakdown of the Tarmacadam there were patches that needed repair and this work was undertaken by John Grace.

We have to say that this work was done quickly, speedily and efficiently with the minimum of disruption to the home. Secondly, he just undertook the work that was necessary whereas other companies had tried to provide a “meal ticket” or themselves by trying to make a big job out of a small patching exercise.

There is no doubt that we would certainly use John again for any more work we require.

Yours faithfully

B.D. Ballin

Director and Company Secretary
For and on behalf of Coxbench Hall Ltd

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